A College Canteen operates daily. It is open before school, recess and lunchtime. Students may order their lunch before school or buy pre-made meals such as sandwiches, rolls and wraps and an assortment of hot food at recess or lunchtime. The canteen features many healthy food options and its functions are handled by the college for greater control.

The College Canteen complies with the highest safety and hygiene requirements and caters for a range of dietary needs.

Canteen Menu

SANDWICHES & ROLLS Design your own Sandwich (multigrain)  $4.00
Roll (wholemeal)  $5.00
Wrap  $4.00
Focaccia  $4.00
Add your salad: Select 4 fillingsLettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, cheese, spinach, beetroot, vegemite
Add ons:Ham, chicken, avocado, bacon, egg, pineapple  $0.50 each
Finish it off:Caesar, mayo, chutney or sweet chilli  $0.30 each
Toasted  $0.50
 Build a burger Beef  $5.00
Chicken  $5.00
Chicken tender  $5.00
Vegie burger  $5.00
Select:lettuce, Cheese, mayo or sweet chilli
Extras :bacon, pineapple  $0.50 each
DRINKS Cans  $2.50
600ML Bottle Soft drink(pepsi-max/ creamy soda/ lime/ pepsi-max lime)  $4.50
750ML Water(plain/ berry)  $4.50
450ML Bottle Soft Drink(pepsi-max/ Sunkist /solo)  $4.50
Tetra Pak 100% Orange Juice 200ml  $2.50
600ML Gatorade
(grape/ watermelon/ apple/ strawberry
Iced tea ( raspberry/ peach/ green citrus) $5.00
Up and Go ( choc/ sb/ van/ banana) $2.50
Big M – 250ml $2.50
Big M – 600ml $4.00
Dare Expresso 500ml $4.50
Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate  $2.00
 HOT FOOD Chips  $4.00
Potato cakes $1.00
Gravy $0.50
Dim Sims: fried or steamed $1.00
Skinless hotdog with sauce $3.50
Skinless Hot Dog with cheese & tomato sauce $4.00
Meat pie  $4.50
Jumbo sausage roll  $4.50
Specialty pie: chicken and veg, potato pie, pastie  $4.80
Fantastic Noodles: chicken or beef  $3.50
Spring rolls  $3.00
Single serve lasagna  $4.50
 Single serve macaroni cheese  $4.50
TREATS Donuts: Strawberry or chocolate  $2.20
Choc chip cookies  $2.80
DAILY SPECIALS Tuesday:Homemade fried rice ( gluten free)  $5.00
Thursday:Homemade soup of the day with butter wholemeal roll $4.00
Friday:Chicken schnitzel roll with cheese, lettuce and mayo.
Items will be introduced from time to time and others deleted – depending on demand.