Student, staff and parent wellbeing is an essential feature of what forms the foundation of learning at Mooroolbark College.

College Houses

The College House structure is an essential feature of college life, with family members joining the House of older siblings. The College Home Groups are based on the houses, which also compete in sport, drama, performing arts and other co-curricular activities throughout the year.

House Structure: Students and staff are grouped vertically and in house groups (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow) for pastoral programs and activities to support and implement aspects of the College’s Pastoral Care Program.

  • Home Group teachers are responsible for the pastoral care of a specific group of students.
  • Cluster leaders are responsible for the wellbeing and progress of students in their three allocated home groups.
  • House leaders and cluster leaders are responsible for the wellbeing and progress of students within the house/cluster group that they lead and for the pastoral care of the students in their house/cluster group as they progress from year seven through to year 12.
  • Assistant Principals have a special responsibility to co-ordinate and oversee pastoral care initiatives and roles within the college.
  • The student counsellor provides personal and educational counselling.

When students enrol at Mooroolbark College they are allocated a House for pastrol and house activities.  Students are not grouped in their houses for classroom activities.

A House Leader is appointed to each House.  Each House is further divided into three Cluster Groups for coordinating purposes. It is usual for a student to have the same cluster leader for the six years of college life. This provides a basis for improved communication and relationships between the student, their parents/guardians and the College.

Each Cluster Leader overseas the pastrol care of three Home Groups. Each Home Group meets for 15 minutes at the start of each day.

Blue Thunder students pride themselves on excellence across all areas. This has been shown through incredible academic and sporting results.

Each student will be cared for by their Homegroup teacher and Cluster Leader throughout their time at the college. It is amazing to witness how the Senior students take a real interest in the younger students and help them find their feet.

During the year students in Blue House will participate in a variety of activities in Homegroup. These activities help break the divide between year levels and develop a sense of belonging within our College.

This year has seen a consistent approach from Blue House students, scoring high in each of the major carnivals. However, it has been our hard work and commitment in the classroom that has seen us receive 11 Principal Awards and as a result lead the house points at the halfway mark.

Our House Captains, Kim Barkwith and Tom Hardstaff, have been doing an excellent job leading the house at assemblies and motivating students to achieve their best.

Our Middle School Captains, Shanae Hodgett and Jordan Daniels were once again involved in ANZAC day services, doing us extremely proud.

Looking forward to some more whole house competitions that are planned for the remainder of the year.

House Blue Thunder

Green House prides themselves on being available to help students when they need it. The office is a space where students can go when they need to talk, ask a question or seek guidance on issues, whether they are school concerns, friendship problems, or issues outside of school.

During Home Group, Year 12 students will act as mentors and assist our Year 7s in transitioning into their secondary education. This includes helping them find their away around the College, learning the names of their teachers and some important information about Mooroolbark College. The College’s successful Home Group program allows all students to see the same teacher each morning for advice and support.

Three Cluster leaders oversee three Home Groups each, further supporting the Home Group system. The Cluster leaders in Green House are Mrs. Colette, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Scott and they pride themselves on building strong bonds with students as well as encouraging and supporting them throughout their education.

The Green House Captains Jayan Hartwick and Lana Hawkins and Middle School Captains Mel Tisch and Travis Moir, are always working hard to prepare and present at house and school assemblies, encourage students to participate in school events, run Green House Home Group challenges and dodge ball competitions. These House and Middle School Captain roles provide a great opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills.

Academically and behaviourally, our students continue to apply themselves, working hard towards and achieving a number of Principal Awards. Principal’s Awards acknowledge students who consistently display the four school values; Endeavour, Resilience, Compassion and Respect. Students can obtain merits for each of these values throughout their time at Mooroolbark College, which culminate in a Principal’s award once a certain number are achieved. These awards contribute house points towards the annual House Cup competition and our students are encouraged to work hard and display these values to help achieve these esteemed awards all year round.

In 2019, Green House is aiming to win the annual House Cup. The last time Green House won it was in 2016. This impressive result was attained by the continual participation and success of Green House students at swimming and athletics carnivals, along with academic awards that contribute towards house points. It is always impressive to see such excellent attendance and participation in these illustrious carnivals. These days provide some great photo opportunities and the students enjoy dressing up in their house colours and earning points for their house.

The Green House Team are confident that 2019 will be another successful and enjoyable year.

House Green Machine

Headed by Miss Rosendale, Miss Cannington and Mr Unland, Red House prides themselves in knowing their students as well as encouraging and supporting them to get the most out of their schooling.

This includes engaging students in a range of aspects from individual and inter-home group activities, interschool sport, reading, math and science challenges, gaining Principal Awards as well as demonstrating excellence in our school values.

Red House office is a place to come in for a chat and get support or assistance. This can range from questions regarding schooling such as: ‘How do I change subjects? What if I have missed a SAC? How can I get extra support?’ to well-being issues including: ‘I’m having trouble with my friends and I don’t know what to do’ or, ‘I’m struggling to cope with my workload.’ Whatever the concern, Red House is a safe place for students to voice their opinions without judgement. Rest assured, the coordinators will always do their best to ensure the best possible outcome can be reached.

Our always smiling and uplifting house captains (Jack Schofield, Kellie Stevens, Charlotte Murray and Forum Patel) have put a lot of effort into preparing and presenting at house and school assemblies. They are also responsible for running the Red House Cup and Red House Home Group Challenges, which students have been thoroughly enjoying. The captains are also available to support Red House students, and we are very proud of their contributions to Red House so far.

Over the years, we have had some outstanding achievements in Red House, both as a team and individually. When attending Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics carnivals, the attitude of Red House students has always been enthusiastic and energetic, adding to the great experience had by all involved on these days.

Academically we have excelled with Principal’s Awards going to many of our students over the years. Principal’s Awards acknowledge students who demonstrate behaviours that demonstrate our school values. Students should feel extremely proud of their efforts when receiving a Principal Award.

The Red House Team looks forward to continuing to work with the Red House Students and their families.

House Red Devils

Our senior students take on a mentoring role to help support younger students, this is so that students have a friendly face they know out in the school yard. This mentoring role is guided by the great Home Group teachers, which students get to see each morning for advice. In addition to the senior students and staff, we also have House and Middle School Captains to mentor all students within Yellow House. This provides a great opportunity for those students to develop their leadership skills.

House activities are a big part of what happens in Yellow House Home Groups throughout the year. Our House Captains, Caleb Schwab, Ashlinn Walker, Jackson Addicott and Tanayah Godley have been outstanding contributors to the success of Yellow House so far. Their addition to the Yellow House team has been immense, always demonstrating friendship, professionalism and leadership in everything they get involved in around the College and beyond. The captains this term have been involved in organising and operating successful house competitions, Carnival days and running House assemblies.

Mooroolbark College values Respect, Resilience, Endeavour and Compassion which have been a big focus during assemblies and have been the focus of many conversations during Home group. House Captains have been instrumental in rolling out Mooroolbark College’s new acknowledgement system that is now directly related to the college values. The Yellow House captains and students are passionate individuals who are involved in all aspects of school including production, SRC, Interschool sports, reading clubs and camps. Yellow House will also be running activities against other home groups this will include a range of inter house tournaments such as Dodgeball, Spelling Bee and other great activities.

With the great bunch of students we have in the Yellow House Hive, I’m sure 2019 will be another superb year.

Go Stingers!

House Yellow Stingers