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The College has high expectations on student uniforms and enforces strict adherence to rules. It expects that all students wear complete and correct College uniform as outlined below and to present a neat appearance at all times. It should be noted that the College has…Read More

The following bell times are our standard bell times. These are used each day throughout the year. Note: Supervision in the yard begins at 8:19am and ends at 3:20pm   START TIME FINISH TIME LOCKER BELL 8.39am 8.44am HOME GROUP 8.45am 9.00am PERIOD 1 9.00am…Read More

The College places strong emphasis and importance on providing opportunities for students to undertake ‘real’ leadership positions in the College Community. The student leadership profile is extensive and provides many opportunities for students to contribute in a positive way to the College; it also provides…Read More

At Mooroolbark College, we are continuing our educational journey into the 21st Century with the integration of a Windows or OSX based notebook computer. As a result, students are a part of a structured Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. This program provides anytime, anywhere…Read More

A College Canteen operates daily. It is open before school, recess and lunchtime. Students may order their lunch before school or buy pre-made meals such as sandwiches, rolls and wraps and an assortment of hot food at recess or lunchtime. The canteen features many healthy…Read More

These dates may be subject to change. Please check at the school office to confirm the following dates.Read More