General Purpose of the Council

The Council is the governing body of the College. The College Council determines appropriate educational policies within Department of Education and Training(DET) guidelines that will ensure the College strategic plan is implemented and its resources managed responsibly.

The constituting order of the Council (changed in 1999 by Ministerial Order) specifies the following composition of the Council:

  • Six elected parents
  • Five DET category employees other than the Principal
  • The Principal
  • Up to four co-opted members from the College Community (excluding DET employees)with a special interest in the college.

Elected members have two-year terms with half retiring annually, terminating on declaration of a ballot each year. Community members have a one-year term which also terminates on declaration of the ballot.

Elections are conducted according to the Education Regulations 2000 (amended 1999).

Standing orders are to be reviewed at the first meeting of each new Council, or as soon as possible after the meeting. Reviewed orders are to be dated and signed by the president.

Elections are in February each year.

Sub Committees of the College Council

  • Resources
    This subcommittee focuses on Facilities and finance within the college
  • Education
    This subcommittee focuses on the educational needs of the college
  • Community Relations
    This subcommittee focuses on publicity and community relations