We mourn the passing of our teacher, friend and colleague, Mr Jev Telford, who passed away last week.  Mr Telford will be remembered for his contribution to Mooroolbark College having taught at the College for the past 32 years.  Mr Telford worked across all year levels teaching English to thousands… Read More

Term 3 has certainly not ended the way we thought it would.  We hoped for a term where we would all be learning on site and our students would enjoy a range of great learning experiences.  However, whilst not on site, the excellence in teaching and learning continued. Thank you… Read More

While Term 3 has been turbulent at times, I have been in awe witnessing the resilience and utter grit and determination of our whole college community. Term 3 has been bustling with challenges, new sport units and sunnier weather, which have helped to lift the moods of students and staff… Read More

After another five weeks of lockdown (or is it 4?… or 6?…. So hard to keep track!), the College to celebrate RUOK Day on Thursday 9th September. As you know, one of our four core values is COMPASSION and we want all our students to develop into caring and compassionate… Read More


During remote learning our Year 7 Aspire class went on a virtual excursion to the zoo for Science with Mrs Raven. Let’s hear what Matilda and Cooper had to say about the experience!  Animals, what fascinating living things in nature! But have you ever looked closely at their behaviour and… Read More

Throughout remote learning, our EAL students have demonstrated great resilience, and staff members are dedicated to supporting the students in all possible ways. In the past few weeks we have had:  Parent Forum in collaboration with Foundation House  The Mooroolbark College RESP (Refugee Education Support Program) team organized an online Parent Forum… Read More


For Jev  Jev Telford was a beloved member (and leader) of the English faculty.   As a teacher, he will be remembered for the hours that he spent helping students outside of class time; for the genuine care that he showed to every student he taught (especially those from R8); and for… Read More


Another period of remote learning has demonstrated once again the amazing work and commitment of our students. For our Year 7 – 10 students the focus has been on measurement and geometry this term. Luckily there are plenty of objects and measurements around every house for students to work these challenges out from home.  Students have been exploring areas and angles using… Read More


What a busy and challenging Term 3 we've had. I would like to congratulate all our students who have been attending on-line classes demonstrating great resilience. Our Year 7 students have continued with their studies completing their safety and hygiene test online. They have commenced work on their second CAT,… Read More


Volcanoes, satellite imagery, exciting career options, incredible archaeological discoveries, managing the effects of climate change at key iconic sites.  All these have been explored in Humanities classes recently, plus much more.  Humanities students have shown great resilience and endeavour while learning from home.  There have been many outstanding assignments and class… Read More