We were so thrilled to welcome students back in to our classrooms and return to practical on-site learning, where students were able to apply many theoretical skills covered in remote learning to real life situations. Instrumental teachers were very happy that the operation guide allowed them to teach on site… Read More

It has been a couple of weeks since all students returned to learning on-site and we are beginning to find normality in the classroom again.   Just like it is for students, it’s also a great time to remind our wider community of the variety of programs we offer at… Read More


Outstanding work produced by Humanities students was the focus of the online Night of Excellence on the 19th of October.  We had a variety of assignments, reports, posters, collaborative exercises, charts, maps and line drawings from across our Commerce, Geography and History subjects.  Be Your Own Boss students were featured with their Trade Week… Read More


This year has again thrown a number of challenges at the Library, with much of the last part of the year spent in lockdown and away from our Library. The books have become very lonely without excursions outside of the Library. However, it’s been great to see everyone access Wheelers ebooks… Read More


In Science we celebrated the return to onsite learning by engaging students with experiments and activities. Students were able to continue the development of their practical skills in a fun way.   Our Year 7 students used water beads to explore the differing effects of hot and cold water as well as salt and sugar solution on their size. This led to… Read More

While lockdown and remote learning are coming to an end, the mental health experts are telling us that the ‘hidden pandemic’ of ongoing mental health issues will continue for some time and may not peak for another 12 months. As a school and as parents we need to continue to… Read More


On the 18th of October, English’s online Night of Excellence was made available to our school community, and we could not have been prouder of those who volunteered and/or agreed to showcase their excellent work. What an amazing initiative by the social media team at Mooroolbark to utilise one of the most powerful and… Read More


Below are some of the pieces that were shown at our NIGHT OF EXCELLENCE.  Well done to all students for their amazing work!   Natalie Bisi VCAL Coordinator   Read More


In lieu of our Night of Excellence, this year we highlighted the excellent work created in the different learning areas of the College in 2021 via our Facebook page. Our students in Technology have completed some amazing work in a variety of subjects including Food Studies, Information Technology, Product Design and Technology, Systems Engineering and Textiles.  Below… Read More


Whilst our ASPIRE students continued to work hard in remote learning, it has been wonderful welcoming our students back onsite!  This term during remote learning our Year 8 and 9 ASPIRE classes participated in the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series online event, Scratch AI. It was great to see students developing… Read More