Demonstrations of excellence have not been difficult to find this year. What better representation to highlight such work is the annual night of excellence. It was a tremendous success, and it was fantastic to see work from both health and physical education students on show. The students should be extremely… Read More

Term 4 has been a busy term, with lots to celebrate and lots of good-byes. At the beginning of the term we had our last house assemblies with our Year 12 cohort, to send them off and wish them well on their exams. We have celebrated many value award winners… Read More

It is hard to believe the school year once again draws to a close, I would like to thank the community for their ongoing support of the College as we continue to strive for excellence to ensure our students have the best possible educational outcomes. This year has been an… Read More


We are thinking of our Year 12 Humanities students who are awaiting their results at the time of writing. Many thanks to Maria Pisano & Natalie Bisi (Business Management), Arran Stuart (Accounting)and Alex Scott (Legal Studies) for going above and beyond with their classes, plus all the Humanities staff who… Read More


The year 2022 was a ripsnorter! There were changes aplenty and some exciting new initiatives and programs that will continue into 2023 and beyond. It would be remiss of I not to mention the immense support and endeavours of our Independent Reading teachers who managed the new aspects with enthusiasm… Read More

Meet the new SRC Executive!     Some long time members mixed with fresh faces to the school, the SRC is thrilled to welcome into office Aliyah Orwin (President), Minh Nguyen (Vice President), Daniel Bohun (Secretary), Micah Cove (Treasurer), Tiffany Chew (Publicity Manager) and Victoria Niang Suan Hoih (Photographer).    The… Read More

The year has gone by so quickly and it is hard to believe we are at the time of the very last newsletter of 2022! Isn't it a great opportunity now to reflect and celebrate the achievements of the EAL faculty in 2022. Wakakirri Dance Festival has been the absolute… Read More


What an amazing year 2022 has been for the canteen!  We have celebrated many special days including Chin National Day with cupcakes and Burmese food from our local Burmese restaurant, Wear it Purple Day, R U OK Day, Footy Finals Day and today to finish off the year we celebrated… Read More


This year has been a fantastic year in The Arts. It has been so great to have all of our events back with fantastic performances, displays and attendance throughout the year.  It has been a big year in the performing arts. This year we introduced our new Performing Arts subject… Read More

Wow! What a year it has been. Stepping into the Senior School office in late January seems like just a few short months ago. But a year has passed, and we are now looking to 2023.  I’d like to congratulate every student who completed their Year 12 this year. You… Read More