As part of the College’s commitment to supporting informed pathways choices by students, the Pathways Team in conjunction with the House Leaders and Cluster Coordinators operate an extensive course counselling process for students enrolling in Years 9 to 12.

Choosing a pathway is an important decision for a student. However, there is key advice which should be adhered to at all year levels.

Choose a course and subjects based on the following:

  • Choose subject which you enjoy.
  • Choose subjects which you are good at.
  • Choose subjects which will support your future direction.
  • If you are going into VCE at Year 11 or 12 check the prerequisite subjects for tertiary courses carefully. Refer to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) website for more information.

Don’t choose subjects based on:

  • Choices your friends are making.
  • Teachers you like/do not like.

Course Counselling Program

  Curriculum Programs Information Night for Parents and Students Course Counselling Course Confirmation
Year 9
(Current Year 8 Students)
  Year 9 Information Night Conducted in class groups over a 2 day period. All students take part in Course Confirmation in November/December as a means of endorsing their course for the following year.


Year 10
(Current Year 9 Students)
Year 10 Pathways Day Year 10, 11 and 12 Information Night Conducted in small groups by the student’s Pathways Advisor and Cluster Coordinator or House Leader.
Year 11
(Current Year 10 Students)
Work Related Skills Program

Pathways Day

VCE Expo


Individual Appointments made for each student for a joint meeting with their Pathways Advisor and Cluster Coordinator or House Leader. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.
Year 12
(Current Year 11 Students)