What is ASPIRE?

This program targets students with high aspirations, who actively set and strive to meet challenging learning goals. ASPIRE students consistently aim for their personal best. These students learn through engaging in a stimulating curriculum which is designed to respond to their abilities, interests and needs. 

How does the ASPIRE Program work?

The ASPIRE program encompasses Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities. ASPIRE students are students that are looking to maximise their learning at school through increased effort and dedication. 

ASPIRE Students will engage in tasks which require higher level, complex thinking and they will be encouraged to participate in a range of intellectual pursuits including externally conducted competitions and activities. ASPIRE is not an acceleration program, rather the focus is on teamwork, collaborative learning and developing transformative problem-solving skills that can be applied to all aspects of their schooling. 

Selection into the ASPIRE class is by both written examination and participation in a Design Sprint Task on our testing morning. Students and their parents/guardians will also be required to submit a supporting document (via a Microsoft Forms link) to complete their application. Student acceptance into the program is dependent on their examination results, submission of the supporting documents and their ability to work cooperatively and productively in a team to complete the Design Sprint. Places in the class will be limited to 25.

The testing day for the 2023 Year 7 ASPIRE class will be held on Saturday 8th October from 9am-12pm.  Applications for the program are now open via Trybooking. Bookings close on Friday 16th September 2022.

Testing Day booking link: https://www.trybooking.com/BYPSJ


To complete your application, students and their parents/guardians must also complete the following Supporting Documentation.

Student Supporting Documentation: https://forms.office.com/r/WE4eaND9pj

Parent/guardian Supporting Documentation: https://forms.office.com/r/QUiRRxMpT5


If you have any questions regarding the Aspire program please contact aspire@mooroolbarkcollege.vic.edu.au or attend our Open Night on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.


Kara Salmon
ASPIRE Program Coordinator

Phone: (03) 9727 8100 
Email: aspire@mooroolbarkcollege.vic.edu.au