Music experiences instil positive attitudes, a positive self image, a desire to achieve excellence, an ability to set goals, cooperation and group cohesiveness.’ Gloria J Keister.

Music Education is a significant part of the holistic education we offer at Mooroolbark College. We would like to introduce you to the College’s Instrumental Music Program which provides students with the rich educational experiences of learning an instrument.

We offer students in Year 7 not only the opportunity to learn an instrument but to participate in the College Concert Band, Vocal Ensemble/Choir and Instrumental Ensembles. Concert Bands have long been considered the ideal way for students to learn both music skills and experience an enriching social atmosphere. Students will take part in weekly rehearsals as well as tuition on their chosen instrument. They will be given opportunities to participate in various performances throughout the year.

Students may choose from the following instruments:


  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Saxophone


  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone

Places are limited for the following instruments:

  • Percussion and Drums
  • Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Singing

Students who learn instruments will be required to participate in one of the College Concert Bands or Instrumental Ensemble. Singing students will be required to participate in the College Choir.