Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Welcome back to Mooroolbark College after your Easter break.  I hope everyone had the opportunity to spend time with their families.  Welcome back to the students and staff who attended the Central Australian and Tasmanian tours, which ran during the last week of Term 1. Particular thanks to the staff who attended the tours and who became the students’ second family whilst on tour.  Thank you to Mr John Nichol and Mr Luke McCormick, who ran an outstanding Central Australia Tour and to Mr U’ren, who put in many hours of preparation prior to the tour.  Thanks also to Mrs Janet Whitby and Mrs Jodie Tilley for running a superb Tasmanian Tour.  I am always very proud when I hear from staff about the wonderful comments our students received from the general public regarding their behaviour and respect while on camp.

Welcome back to Chantelle George and Emalyn Timm, who return to the College after family leave.  It is exciting to have them back in the College working in their respective areas of English/Humanities and Mathematics/Science.  We also welcome to the College Ms Hazemin Catallo, who will be joining the Mathematics area. 

On Tuesday, the College was represented at a number of local ANZAC Day services to commemorate and respect the sacrifices made by our armed forces.  The College’s Middle School Captains laid a wreath at the Dawn Service in Lilydale and our Senior Captains laid a wreath and participated in the ceremony at Hookey Park in Mooroolbark at 12 noon.  It was wonderful to see so many of our College community at the two services.  Today we held an ANZAC Day commemoration service for our Year 7 and 8 students.  This was a moving service where our College Captains spoke about the meaning of ANZAC Day for them.  I would like to thank Jason Kennedy for playing the Last Post as part of the formal proceedings.

On Wednesday 26th April, we had our College Open Night, which was a wonderful showcase of what the College has to offer the local community.  With 600 people in attendance, it was again wonderful to see so many students supporting their College.  I can always rely on our students to be outstanding ambassadors for Mooroolbark College.  Students participated in so many displays including practising their lines for the upcoming production of Bats, making chocolate chip cookies in Food Technology, building medieval towns in Humanities and taking on the very important role of tour guides.  Thank you to all the students involved.

On Monday 1st May, the second of our sporting carnivals will take place.  The annual Athletics Carnival is another opportunity to take part in the range of activities Mooroolbark College offers.  It is also a chance to earn House Points for your House.  Last year the Athletics Carnival was won by Yellow House, so this year the challenge is out there for Green, Blue and Red to take the shield from them.  I wish all four Houses every success.  At this stage, the weather looks fine for Monday with a top of 18 degrees, which should help make it a very pleasant day.

The annual NAPLAN program begins on Tuesday 9th May 2017.  Parents/Guardians of Year 7 and 9 students will receive further information next week.  However, it is important the College community understands the importance of NAPLAN data for Mooroolbark College and for all students involved to take each of the assessments seriously.  Mooroolbark College staff use NAPLAN data on a daily basis, on which to base the teaching and learning program.  We look at results for entire cohorts to determine where a priorities lie for the following year.  We receive data, which tells us the skills Mooroolbark College in which students are excelling and where extra time needs to be given.  A very real example of how we use NAPLAN data, is the College’s Independent Reading Program at Years 7 and 8 where the program targets both reading, comprehension and writing capabilities.  We also use the data to ensure individual students receive the specific instruction, help and support they need.  Teachers are constantly looking at individual data to ensure students’ needs are catered for.  I encourage parents/guardians to talk to their children about ‘doing their best’ and taking each assessment seriously, to ensure the College is working with the most up to date and relevant data to improve teaching and learning at Mooroolbark College.

Mooroolbark will be holding a Year 7 parent/guardian Mathematics Forum On Wednesday 3rd May 2017, commencing at 6.30pm in A Block (A5/A6). Information has been sent through Compass and you will receive a letter in the mail.  If you would like to attend please RSVP on 9727 8100.

Ann Stratford

College Captain

College Captain

Captain Profile: Daniel Miller (Green House School Captain)

What do you hope to achieve this year in your role?
To inspire and influence younger students to become the best individual that they could possibly be.To show students how drastically I changed during my schooling years from a bad student to a good student, thus hopefully helping some students who are in a similar position to make a drastic change in themselves

Who is a leader that you admire and why do you admire them?
I admire Warren Buffett as he is a man that has managed to have bucket loads of success but has still managed to be extremely humble and genuine in the way he treats others.

What are some of your goals for the future?
Once I complete Year 12 I wish to do a Bachelor of Commerce at either Melbourne Uni or Monash Uni. I would also like to learn as much as I can about finance, investing and business in order to one day be an entrepreneur.

Final Comment 
No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change and become a better version of yourself.

Supporting Friends Program

Supporting Friends Program

On Thursday 20th April, the "Supporting Friends Program" kicked off.   The session was motivating for all involved, with students interacting with heaps of talking and discussions, the session just seemed to flow, a real buzz some might say. The Year 9 mentors need to be congratulated for their efforts along with all Year 7 and 8 students who clearly care about wanting to improve their progress at school.

A massive thank you to teachers, Lachlan Mann, Luke McCormick, Stephanie Bell and Allie Grey-Smith, without whose support this program would not be possible.

Matthew Bell - Supporting Friends Coordinator/ Yellow House Leader

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Tasmanian Tour 2017

Tasmanian Tour 2017

Fifty-nine students and seven teachers left Mooroolbark on a Monday afternoon in late March, heading for the Spirit of Tasmania and an overnight voyage to Devonport.  The rest of the week unfolded into arguably the best Tassie Trip in MC history.  There was a fantastic vibe among everyone in the group, some amazing sights, valuable experiences, many new friendships formed, and student behaviour was exceptional.  Here are just a few of the many highlights:

• An easy crossing of Bass Strait. Not a single case of seasickness!

• Mr Small who bravely made the trip, despite suffering a bad motorcycle accident shortly beforehand

• Incredible glow-worms and extraordinarily huge cave spiders in the Marakoopa Caves

• Chair-lift over Cataract Gorge

• Luxurious Swiss lodge accommodation at Tamar Valley

• Convict stories in Campbell Town

• Visits to the astonishingly beautiful convict towns of Richmond and Ross

• Hungry camels, emus, ostriches and zebras descended upon our open-air bus at Zoodoo Wildlife Park.

• Hand-feeding ravenous lions

• A very chilling Ghost Tour of Port Arthur had many students totally spooked.

• Theatrical tour guides on the Isle of the Dead brought convict tales to life.

• The lolly shop in Geeveston

• Movie night in Hobart (Beauty and the Beast)

• Soaring above the rainforest on the Tahune Airwalk

• One group became lost at Tahune, but used a bit of geography (of course) to find their way back to civilisation.

• A relaxed dinner at McDonald’s before the flight home

What a great week!  Thanks to every student who contributed so much.  You all have great memories to enjoy for years to come.  Thanks also to the hard-working staff, without whom the trip would not have been possible: Jodie Tilley, Janet Whitby (tour organisers), Andrew Dingey, Marie Norris, Graham Small and Todd Zarebski.

Chris Hanneberry -  Tasmanian Tour Teacher 

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Year 10 Central Australia Tour

Year 10 Central Australia Tour

After 10 days on the road through Central Australia with 80 Year 10 students, it was so nice to wake up in my own bed again. But then again, it wasn’t quite the same as sleeping on a mattress under the brightest stars I have ever seen.

Mooroolbark is nice but nothing compares to the brilliance of the rocks and dirt of Central Australia.

Central Camp was one of the best experiences I have been part of in my time teaching. We demanded high standards of behaviour from our students and they were sensational. We regularly got compliments from members of the public about their behavior. What a terrific crew of young people we have in Year 10 at Mooroolbark College this year.

Some of the special moments included :

• Luke MCormick leading a trio of students in the song "Hey baby" before we left and within minutes the whole crowd was on their feet and joining in. He set the scene with the message, "things go a whole lot better when everyone joins in and works together with enthusiasm". And join in with enthusiasm they did for 10 whole days. 

• We talked with the kids about how sacred and special the Centre of Australia is and the deep significance of these places to indigenous Australians and many white Australians too. We encouraged them to respect and embrace the sacredness of this place and learn as much as they could.

• The bus driver commented that he had never seen a group of students so interested and respectful and spend as much time as they moved through the Uluru cultural centre. I felt moved as our students spontaneously sat in silence watching indigenous women paint.

• We had a "battle of the genders day", full of laughs and games and male v female competitions (and the BIGGEST Paper Scissors Rock Gender battle the universe has ever seen) And then that night we discussed with great respect how gender stereotypes and male sense of power and control over women contributes to domestic violence.

• We walked into a Kata Tjuta gorge in the same way indigenous men do ..... in silence. It was quite something to see our 86 strong party complete the 20 minute walk in total silence (NOT a WORD) and then sit at the lookout at the end of the walk, still in complete silence. What great kids we have.

• We slept under the stars in a bush camp 100km from Alice Springs and lay outside watching shooting stars and listening to the sounds of the bush with the brightest stars we had ever seen above us. We regularly talked with the kids about the beauty of our world and respect for the land we were on.

• Students auctioned their services to raise money by putting up tents/ carry bags or giving massages. Students paid money to be at the front of the meal line, 5 boys collected money to have radical haircuts (one shaved, one Dusty Martin, three shaved headed mullets). Students also willingly paid money into a swear jar or for failing to put on their seat belt and so on and so on. All good fun that raised over $4000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service ($1700), the Mercy Hospital ($1700 for the wonderful care they have shown Andy and Cathy U'ren's sons Sam and Toby) and $1000 to help pay for accommodation for Andy and Cathy as they live at the hospital caring for little Toby. What brilliant kids we have.

• On our last night, because the students had been so responsive and mature, we changed the program around to spend some extra time in reflection. We took the students to the top of a hill and sat in the dark (with Mr Van Keulen again providing reflective music) and talked with them around three themes:  the need to support each other, gratitude and change. Students listened and then had 10 minutes on their own to reflect in the dark and then come back to share their thoughts. Tears flowed as students got in touch with what is most important in life and who they really want to be.  This was another great teaching opportunity.

These are just some of the special moments and do not include the many laughs, new relationships and friendships that formed and the increased respect the students have for teachers (and vice versa) and for each other.

At Mooroolbark College we run an extraordinary camping program. I don't believe any school matches what we do with our camps. For us camps are not just "tours" or for "fun" but we want them to be life changing. We want kids to come back and say it was "the best week of their life". We want kids to find a level of acceptance and respect they have never experienced before at school. We want camps to play a major role in building the Mooroolbark College culture. On the final night, we stressed to the kids that this camp is the start of a three-year journey together through the tough years of senior school. We have encouraged them to be the people that create a culture of care and support within the year level. We want this culture to be what helps protect them and care for them over the coming years at Mooroolbark College. They certainly seem up for that challenge. We think we have made a good start in building that culture.

What great kids we have at our College. I hope you are as proud of them as we are.

John Nichol – Student Welfare Coordinator

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Australian Athletics Championships

Australian Athletics Championships

Congratulations to two of Moorolbark College's siblings, Lateisha Willis and Tayleb Willis who made the amazing achievement of being selected to participate at the Australian Athletics Championships.

Lateisha came 1st in the 100m hurdles, 3rd in the 4x100m relay, 5th in the 100m and 6th in the 200m.

Tayleb came 2nd in the 100m hurdles, 3rd in the 200m hurdles and 6th in the Triple jump.

Awsome effort, we are very proud.

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Community Circle

Community Circle

Mooroolbark College is committed to supporting our local community, below are the notices to assist in keeping up to date with:




Mooroolbark College PTCA is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

Support our fundraising by buying the NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership for your Mum, other family members, or even spoil yourself this Mother's Day. Entertainment Memberships are filled with hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and you'll be helping our fundraising at the same time!

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Mooroolbark College has recently developed a partnership with The Professionals Real Estate – Mooroolbark through former student, Regina Atkinson.  
On behalf of The Professionals Real Estate – Mooroolbark, a donation of $500 will be made to Mooroolbark College for every house sold through the Mooroolbark College community. If you are considering selling your home, Regina can be contacted on 0417 565 624 and mention that you belong to the Mooroolbark College community.

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Calendar Term Two 2017

Calendar Term Two 2017



FRIDAY 8.15AM- 3.30PM


Term Two 2017

 Monday 1st May

Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 2nd May

Education Meeting 6pm

PTCA Meeting 7pm

Wednesday 3rd May

Parents Maths Night 6.30pm

Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th May


Tuesday 9th May

Resources meeting 7pm

Tuesday 16th May

College Council meeting 7pm

Thursday 18th May

May Concert 7pm

Friday 19th May

House Cross Country Carnival

Monday 22nd May – Friday 26th May

EDUCATION WEEK- Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Tuesday 23rd May

Community Relations Meeting 4.30pm

Friday 26th May

Nation Sorry Day

Tuesday 30th May

NEVR Concert Hamer Hall 7pm

Wednesday 31st May

Year 11 exams begin

Monday 5th June

Year 10 exams begin

Tuesday 6th June

Education Meeting 6pm

PTCA Meeting 7pm

Monday 12th June

Queen’s Birthday Public holiday

Tuesday 13th June

Resources Meeting 4.30pm

Wednesday 14th June


Thursday 15th June

Year 12 Social

Friday 16th June

Report writing day

Students not required at College

Tuesday 20th June

College Council Meeting 7pm 

Monday 26th June – Friday 30th June

Recognition of NAIDOC Week

Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 27th June

Community Relations Meeting 4.30pm

Friday 30th June

Last day Term 2 -  2.30pm finish

Term Three 2017

Monday 17th July

Term 3 begins


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