Ann Stratford, Principal

Principal Report

For over 16 years Carol Wells, has been part of the Mooroolbark College Council with the last 8 years as President.  At the beginning of 2018, Carol stepped down from this role. The support and the leadership Carol has provided has ensured that the College has been on a journey of continuous improvement.  On Monday the College officially thanked Carol for her service to the community with a small presentation.

Over the past week, students at Mooroolbark College have been involved in voting for their elected student members of College Council.  I would like to congratulate Jack Schofield and Sharni Webb on their election to the Mooroolbark College Council. I am certain they will represent the students with passion and pride. I would like to thank all the students who nominated and the large proportion of students who voted.

At Mooroolbark College, we are committed to ensuring all students have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills so that they can excel in their chosen areas of passion. 

If your child is in Year 7 or 8, there will be an additional report provided at the end of the term reporting on the work your child has undertaken during the Independent Reading Program. Each day from Monday to Thursday, every Year 7 and 8 student undertakes a block of Independent Reading. This block of 35 minutes, includes 3 activities, silent reading, a piece of reflection writing which is aimed at developing higher order thinking skills and finally a literacy activity.This quote sums up why developing student’s ability to read, write and comprehend the written text is so important. “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”  George Orwell.  If you have any questions about the Independent Reading program at Mooroolbark College, please contact Sarah Garnaut, the College’s Literacy Coordinator.

The second change to the Year 7 and 8 curriculum is the introduction of Open Ended Tasks in all Mathematics classes.  Skill development in mathematics is extremely important, but equally important is the ability for students to problem solve and to transfer skills and knowledge between tasks and situations. Once a week students work in a collaborate manner to devise solutions to mathematical based problems.The College has been working with Peter Sullivan (Monash University) in the development of these tasks. “Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.”  Roger Lewin.  Zac Parr, the College’s Numeracy Coordinator is available if you have any questions about Open Ended Tasks in Mathematics.

I would like to wish our Year 10 and 11 students the all the best as they begin their mid-year exams on Monday. Whilst exams provide a summative assessment of student learning, undertaking exams prior to Year 12 also sets students up for success for the future.Year 10 and 11 exams provide students with an opportunity to learn how to study effectively, manage the stress of exams and manage their time. Doing an exam doesn’t just measure how much you know, it helps reinforce the learning and make it more likely that you can retrieve the same information later.  

Year 10 Work Experience commences on Monday 24th June, I hope all Year 10 students make the most of this wonderful opportunity.  Work experience allows students to experience what it is like to work a full week in industry and in an adult environment.It may confirm career choices, but it is also equally valuable if it highlights that a particular industry is not for them.  Each child will get something different out of the experience. Going into the placement with energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude will get the best results. I have read many work experience reports over the years and I can say without a doubt, that “initiative” is something employees are also keen to observe. 

Best wishes for the final 4 weeks of Term 2.

Ann Stratford

Captain Profile

Captain Profile

Stephanie de Vincentis- Red House Captain

What do you hope to achieve this year in your role?
Throughout 2018, my aim is to continue to help achieve a positive culture whereby each individual feels welcome and happy to come to school. Although school can be challenging at times, it should be accepting of each student's individuality and  interests. As school can open many doors for a person, I aim to improve my leadership skills with the many opportunities that the college offers, including community events. 
Who is a leader that you admire and why do you admire them?
I admire Walt Disney, because his kind of success and influence was not easy, and it couldn't have happened without ceaseless hard work and unwavering beliefs in his dreams. Disney came across multiple business setbacks and almost no formal training in art. However, he saw these not as failings but as things that helped him to be the great visionary and businessman that he became. Disney is a clear example of how perseverance and belief in not only yourself but what you want to achieve in life is evident.  

What are some of your goals for the future?
After I complete Year 12, I aim to complete a course in either University or TAFE to help kick start a pathway in a career of my choosing. I also would like to travel around the world and experience different cultures the world has to offer. 

Final sentence for readers.
"Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening'"- Nelson Mandela

Mooroolbark Leadership

Mooroolbark Leadership

At Mooroolbark College, we foster a culture that encourages young people to discover their leadership potential and develop the skills to become the creators of positive change. Formal and informal leadership opportunities are offered to students in Year 7 – 12.

The college promotes leadership in many areas, including community service, peer mentoring, sport and performing arts.  Participation in student leadership is encouraged in order to promote student voice and enable participation in the college decision-making processes.

Leadership within the homegroup system plays a major role for students across all year levels. Our "buddy" program allows students to take on leadership roles in each group, mentoring and supporting younger students. Our College structure means that a wide variety of leadership portfolios exist across all year levels. Student leaders are inducted, trained and continuously supported by a Leading Teacher and the Principal.

Formal Leadership Positions
A wide variety of leadership portfolios exist, including:
School Captains
Senior School House Captains
Middle School House Captains
Student Representative Council
Student Ambassadors,
MMADD squad
Production Crew

Year 7 Ambassadors
Leadership opportunities begin early at Mooroolbark College.  Students can join the SRC or become an Ambassador.

The two types of Ambassadors are:

Community Ambassadors (new in 2018):

• Undertake school tours with the College Principal

• Meet and greet special guests

• Attend appropriate information/open nights

• Hosting the Grade 5 All-Rounder day.

• Volunteer to attend local community events

Friendship Ambassadors:

• Visit primary schools during transition visits

• Work with their previous primary school

Samantha McIntosh
Assistant Principal

Please find photos from our official ceremony below



On 15th May, Unit 1 Psychology students had the pleasure of braving the weather to walk to Bimbadeen Heights Primary School to test Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development on some very friendly Prep and Grade 6 students.

It was great to see students applying their knowledge outside of the classroom and having such a great time in doing so!

Matthew Neil-Holland and James Taylor
Psychology Teachers

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The Australian Academy of Science (STEM initiative)

The Australian Academy of Science (STEM initiative)

During 2017, 7E and 7G Science classes were involved in trialling a suite of STEM activities for academics at Deakin University in Years 5-8, to be used Australia wide, funded by the Australian Academy of Science. Students were involved in modelling motion activities throughout terms 2 and 3 during class time. Academics used feedback from students and teachers to modify and further develop the activities. The ‘Modelling Motion’ hands-on inquiry lessons provide students with an authentic STEM experience where mathematics is central to understanding science and technology. The ‘Modelling Motion’ STEM activities are now available on the Australian Academy of Science reSolve website for all teachers to access. A big thank you to 2017 students from 7E and 7G and their science teachers, Mrs Raven and Mr Abasszade for contributing to this important project. These activities now form part of the Year 7 Science curriculum.   Mooroolbark College students feature in the reSolve May newsletter:   https://www.science.org.au/news-and-events/newsletters/resolve/may-2018/special-topics-modelling-motion-stem-unit-ready
Amanda Peters
Science Teacher

Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Between 21st and the 23rd of May, our Year 12 Outdoor and Environmental students went to Mt Buller and Howqua Hills to make observations on the the characteristics of healthy outdoor environments. They also experienced and discussed the effects these environments can have on individuals and society. Additionally, students looked at how environments are important for many contemporary societal relationships. 

Matthew Bell
Outdoor and Environmental Studies Teacher

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Susan McLean- Cyber Safety

Susan McLean- Cyber Safety

On Thursday May 17  Susan McLean, Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety, ran sessions with our Year 7,8,9 and 10 students to talk about the significant increase in issues relating to internet misuse. Students learnt how to correctly protect themselves against predators, what to do if they are bullied or manipulated, and the repercussions of inappropriate social media use.

Matthew Bell
Yellow House Leader


Summer Interschool Sport

Throughout term 1, students had the opportunity to participate in cricket, tennis, softball, baseball and volleyball. Each team was taken out to compete against Ringwood, Norwood and Melba in the Maroondah division carnival. We had plenty of success across the year levels with the following teams winning and progressing to the Eastern Region championships:

- Intermediate Boys cricket

- Year 8 Girls Tennis

- Year 8 Boys Volleyball

- Year 8 Girls Volleyball

- Intermediate Girls Softball

Well done to the intermediate girls’ softball team, who were runners up in their Pool.
After suffering an early crushing defeat at the hands of Vermont (who went on to win the tournament), our girls showed great strength of character to win their two next matches against Blackburn and Wantirna comfortably.

Lachlan Mann
Interschool Sport Coordinator

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Sports Carnivals

Sports Carnivals

In week three, we hosted our annual athletics carnival at Knox Athletics track. Mother nature was on our side with the sun shining and perfect conditions for the event. The venue was flooded in a sea of blue, green, red and yellow. Each house was heavily represented in the track and field events throughout the day and I congratulate all students who participated. Winners of each track and field event will progress through to the Maroondah division carnival, which will be held in term 3. I would like to give a massive thank you to all staff who assisted with officiating, supervising and taking part in the events on the day. Also, our cross country carnival was held last Friday at Lilydale Lake which was also a very successful event.   

Lachlan Mann
Sport Coordinator

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NEVR Music

NEVR Music

Congratulations to our students who participated in the NEVR ‘Tributes’ concert at Hamer Hall on Wednesday May 22.  This year eleven Mooroolbark College students performed in the Secondary Choir, Rookie Band and Wind Symphony together with around 800 other students from schools in our region.

Students attended two rehearsals at at each of the following schools: Rowville, Wantirna and Blackburn Secondary Colleges, preparing for the final performance which was held at Hamer Hall in Southbank.

The evening concert was an amazing experience for all involved, showcasing some of the very talented young musicians that we have in our schools.

Lisa Gaudion
Instrumental Music Cooordinator

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Library News

Library News


The Premiers’ Reading Challenge for 2018 is now well underway.  All students in Years 7-10 are automatically registered. To complete the challenge students only need to read 15 books before the end of August.

Congratulations to the following students that have completed the challenge since our last newsletter:

Carla Hunaidi
Charlie Shortt
Emily Hill
Jack Franklin 
Josh Fife
Shaylee Goodwin
Aarnav Vatsa
Molly Barnewall

The Year 7 competition is also heating up with 7G quickly closing the gap on 7F. They are now only 10 books behind first place.

If you require more information, please contact Mr Neil-Holland at the College on 97278100 or via Compass.


Students can join Eastern Regional Libraries with only a few easy clicks online. Parents/guardians can visit this link - http://www.yourlibrary.com.au/students and fill out a few details. The new library card will be delivered to school and distributed through home group. Once you are a member you will have access to their physical books, but also to their vast digital library, including popular magazines and audiobooks. 


This year we were excited to join Wheelers eBooks. Wheelers is a digital eBook library that offers staff and students access to over 300,000 eBooks, including the latest popular releases. The eBook library works in a similar manner to our physical library in that ‘books’ are borrowed for 2 weeks and are returned automatically.

To access Wheelers, students and staff (and parents if they like) simply need to click on the link in the favourites tab on Compass.


A reminder that the College has a subscription to Clickview, which is a great online resource filled with thousands of audio visual educational material. It includes numerous short videos explaining and exploring the different elements of most subjects, many feature films and some amazing documentaries.  

To access Clickview, students simply need to click on the link in the favourites tab on Compass.


Do you have a book that you’re dying to read but unfortunately we don’t have it in the library? You can let us know by writing in our request book in the library or by emailing us at lib.services@mooroolbarkcollege.vic.edu.au

Matthew Neil-Holland
Library Coordinator 

Year 11 History Excursion

Year 11 History Excursion

On Wednesday 2nd May, the Year 11 History class journeyed to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick, accompanied by pre-service teacher, Reese Joyce and myself.  Prior to our visit, students had extensively studied the ideology of the Nazis, their rise to power in 1930s Germany, what life was like under Nazi rule and the experiences of those who were persecuted in this most terrible period of world history.

We spent time looking at the main exhibition and had sessions where we met actual survivors. Our students were lucky to meet three amazing people who had lived through it all: John, Max and Pearl. John told us of his experiences, and that he first hoped (as a child) to fight in the war, but later realised that just surviving was enough of a challenge.  

Max had an even more horrific story. He had been placed on a train heading to Auschwitz, but somehow found a way to convince a guard that he was not Jewish.  He also told us about how grateful he was to come to live in Melbourne after the war. He talked about finding freedom and no longer being in a life and death struggle every day. He described how the sun now seemed to shine so brightly and beautifully, after the terrifying experiences, which he lived through as a young man, all those years ago. I didn’t get to hear Pearl, but our students who spoke to her said she had an equally extraordinary story.

There were other secondary schools at the centre when we visited. However, it was Mooroolbark College students who particularly excelled, asking many relevant questions and making great contributions in a large discussion in the main theatre.

Nothing makes history as alive as when you get to meet those who were actually there and can share their own individual experiences from the time. It was a special honour to meet these remarkable people and hear their stories. I was also greatly impressed by the sensitive, mature and knowledgeable manner and approach of our MC students. A day we will all remember for many years to come!

Chris Hanneberry
Year 11 History Teacher

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Happy Days: The Musical

Happy Days: The Musical

Tickets for Mooroolbark College’s production of Happy Days: The Musical are now on sale through TryBooking.

Performances will be between Wednesday 1 August 2018 and Friday 3 August 2018

Prices are $20 for adults or $60 for families (2 adults, 2 children) and $15 for under 16s.

There are limited tickets for our 3 shows, act fast so you don’t miss out!

Follow the link attached to purchase tickets https://www.trybooking.com/380378

Peter Marz
Production Leader

Advance Sports Leadership

Advance Sports Leadership

Advance Sports Leadership completed some of their team building activities at Trees Adventure High Ropes Course on Thursday 17th May and a Commando Course on Thursday 24th  May at Clifford Park. Students will now complete their reflective write up in class.

Paul Ryan
PE Teacher

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Auskick at the MCG

Auskick at the MCG

The following students are to be congratulated and thanked for their professionalism in representing the College on Saturday 19th May at the MCG. They were responsible for umpiring the Auskick at half time and all eight students did a fantastic job. The participating students were: 

Zoe Jacobs
Josh McMeeken
Jonty Just
Ashlee Lang
Bethany Sims
Jemma Findlay
Jordan Kennedy
Caitlin Wylie

Paul Ryan
Sports Leadership

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Host Families Needed

Host Families Needed

On Saturday afternoon, August 4th we will welcome eight Year 10 students and a teacher from our sister school, Wujiang Senior Middle School in China. The group will leave Mooroolbark on Friday morning, August 10th. 

Mooroolbark College is looking for 4 more host families! Each family will receive $200 for hosting a 16 year old student for the 6 nights. These students are looking forward immensely to experiencing life in an Australian home. Please do not let them be disappointed! Your son/daughter does not need to be in Year 10, nor do they need to be studying Mandarin. 

Please contact Ms Tan or Mrs Henderson at the College on 9727 8100 for an Expression of Interest form, if you are part of a friendly family who can help.
Andrea Henderson
LOTE KLA Coordinator

Treak Village Fund Raiser - Acespace

Treak Village Fund Raiser - Acespace

On Saturday 19th  May, a group of Year 12 student ran a family friendly fundraiser at ACESPACE play centre. The night aimed to raise funds to support the Treak Village Community Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This amazing organisation provides education and support to its local community and is the focus of a three-day community service project for the 41 Year 12 students visiting Cambodia at the end of the year. The night was a huge success, hosting approximately 100 people and raising almost $1200.

I would like to thank all the Year 12 students that helped organise and run this night, the numerous staff that brought their families along, ACESPACE for donating their amazing venue for the night and in particular Jaymie-Lee Burton and her family who did an outstanding job in preparing and organising the fundraiser.

Matthew Donald
Cambodia Coordinator

Entertainment books PTCA Fundraiser

Entertainment books PTCA Fundraiser

Buy an Entertainment Membership from Mooroolbark College PTCA today and you’ll be supporting our School and enjoy valuable dining, shopping and travel offers!. Hurry, they’re going fast!

Click here to order your book now http://www.entbook.com.au/1939w84

Explore your local area with an Entertainment Membership!!  Not only can you save hundreds at many of the local business below but 20% of your purchase will help support our School. Hurry, they’re selling fast!

Mooroolbark College PTCA is fundraising for teacher education support materials. 


Mooroolbark College PTCA

One purchaser, Anne Hogan wrote 

• I bought the digital version last year which allows you to share the membership with family. You just contact the Entertainment book people and tell them how many family members you want added to your subscription and they log in via you to add their phone to gain access. It means that wherever you are you have access to the book and you can use the 'near me' function to check out offers close by. We easily covered the subscription price and much more.

Calendar Term Two and Three 2018

Calendar Term Two and Three 2018

College Office Hours

College Office Hours


FRIDAY 8.15AM- 3.30PM





1st Newsletter
4th - 15th Yr 10/11 Exams
5th PTCA 7pm
5th Education Committee 6pm
4th - 8th Yr 7-9 Maths Exams
19th Council Meeting 7pm
22nd Yr 12 Blood Drive
25th - 29th Work Experience
29th Last day of Term Two (2.30pm finish & reports available)




16th NAIDOC Week 16- 20 JULY
16th Term 3 Begins
19th Yr 9 2019 info night
26th Yr 10/11/12 2019 Info night


1st Happy Days Production 
2nd Happy Days Production 
3rd Happy Days Production 
3rd  Extended Assembly – Mid Year Awards
3rd Newsletter
4th - 11th Wujiang Snr Middle School Chinese Visit
5th - 7th Yr 11 OES Mt Stirling Snow Camp 
7th  Education 4.30pm PTCA 7pm
10th Yr 10 (2019) course counselling Yr 9 (2019) selections due
12th - 14th Yr 12 OES Mt Stirling Camp 
13th Yr 11 (2019) course counselling (no Yr 10 classes)
14th Resources 7pm
16th Yr 12 (2019) course counselling (no Yr 11 classes)
17th ASPIRE Science Excursion
17th Debutante Ball 
18th Debutante Ball 
20th Yr 12 VCAL (2019) course counselling
21th  Council 7pm
22nd Yr 12 selections due
27th SRC Free Dress Day
28th PTCA 7.30pm
31st End of Premier’s Reading Challenge


4th Education 4.30pm
6th MMADDDT Evening of Excellence 7pm
7th YR 10 Social
7th Newsletter
11th VCAL (2019) preparation evening 7pm
13th Mooroolbark College Annual Ski Day
18th Carnival Day (TBC)
18th Community Relations (4.30pm)
18th College Council (7pm)
19th Yr 10 mock interviews
20th Yr 12 practice English exam
20th Parent Teacher Interviews
21st  Last day of Term three (2.30pm finish & reports available)

Community Circle

Community Circle

Mooroolbark College is committed to supporting our local community. Please see below for our community notices:

Free Monthly Community Pantry
Danielle Sargent Photography
Anglicare Victoria

Free Monthly Community Pantry

Inside the pantry you will find fresh produce, bread, non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, material aid and knit wear for me, women and young children.

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 Danielle Sargent Photography

Looking for a photographer to capture special memories of the family, newborn, glamour, portfoilio or event?  Contact Danielle Sargent 

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 Anglicare Victoria

Due to circumstances beyond their control, some children can no longer live with their birth family. Their experiences have left them frustrated and confused about where they belong. The children need to feel part of a family that can provide them with love, encouragement and support. Can you help them? Information session are on Tuesday 5th June in Lilydale and Thursday the 19th of June in Bayswater.

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