Humanities  Our first weeks of Term 3 have been busy with assignments and learning.  Year 10 and 11 Geography students completed preparatory work ahead of field trips to the Mornington Peninsula and Kinglake respectively.  On Open Night, our E-block rooms were filled with displays of active learning.  Thanks to all… Read More

Humanities students have been busy and hard-working in Term One.  Highlights include:  Year 9 World of Work students used Lego to create models of employment centres, including Melbourne Airport and Brice Avenue, Mooroolbark.  Working collaboratively, students then annotated Discovery Centre tables with careers most related to each place.  Year 10… Read More

It’s been great seeing our classes engaged in so many collaborative activities in the early weeks of Term 1.  Students have completed many engaging and action-oriented activities.  Highlights so far include:  Year 7 History students demonstrated their understanding of chronologies and timelines in the northern quadrangle.  Year 7 Geography students… Read More


Outstanding work produced by Humanities students was the focus of the online Night of Excellence on the 19th of October.  We had a variety of assignments, reports, posters, collaborative exercises, charts, maps and line drawings from across our Commerce, Geography and History subjects.  Be Your Own Boss students were featured with their Trade Week… Read More


Volcanoes, satellite imagery, exciting career options, incredible archaeological discoveries, managing the effects of climate change at key iconic sites.  All these have been explored in Humanities classes recently, plus much more.  Humanities students have shown great resilience and endeavour while learning from home.  There have been many outstanding assignments and class… Read More

With so many of our subjects being semester-based, recent weeks have seen classes consolidate students’ understanding of what they’ve learned over the semester.  Students have completed their final CAT assignments, while loose ends on earlier tasks have been resolved.  Year 7 Geography Suburb Design, Year 8 Geography Megacity Report, Year 9 World of Work Cultural Diversity and… Read More

Humanities was alive with colour and activity on Open Night. A huge thanks to all staff and students who helped showcase our great activities. Our rooms were filled with great assignments completed recently by Humanities students. Hands-on activities from Be Your Own Boss, our new Year 9 subject, were a… Read More

Humanities students have built on the knowledge and understanding they gained earlier this term, with many classes progressing on to more in-depth assignments in March.  Our highlights have included:  Year 7 Geography students completed assignments based on their photos and observations taken from around the College grounds.  Year 7 Geography… Read More


Welcome back to all Humanities students! It’s been great seeing our classes engaged in so many collaborative activities in the early weeks of Term 1. Our new Year 9 subject “Be Your Own Boss” is a focus for fun, relevant and business-related activities. Recently students worked in groups on prioritising… Read More

Our classes have been busy with lots of great activities during remote learning.  Here are a few examples:  Year 8 History students have created some great posters to show how Vikings used resources.    Year 7 Geography classes have been busy investigating issues of water scarcity from countries including Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia and… Read More