Great start to Term 2  We are almost halfway through Term 2 and despite the publicity currently in the media about the impact of Covid on school operations, I am proud to report that Mooroolbark College has been able to continue with its program of providing students with quality educational… Read More

Term One Principal’s Report  With Term One drawing to a close, I would like to acknowledge the work of our staff and students during what felt like a very long term. It has been the first full term in two years, without a lock down or remote learning.  It has… Read More

A Normal Start to 2022 The start of 2022 has been relatively normal, which has been great for both staff and students. Just about all planned activities have gone ahead in a Covid safe manner. Excursions are going out daily, inter-school sports and camps are now back and running with… Read More

As 2021 draws to a close I wish to acknowledge the Mooroolbark College community for their resilience, patience and work throughout this year.  Similarly, to 2020, 2021 has been a year of learning and growth for everyone in the College.  We hope that 2022 will return us to more normal… Read More

Term 3 has certainly not ended the way we thought it would.  We hoped for a term where we would all be learning on site and our students would enjoy a range of great learning experiences.  However, whilst not on site, the excellence in teaching and learning continued. Thank you… Read More

Unfortunately, we find ourselves back in remote and flexible learning again.  The transition into this current lockdown has been challenging, with the suddenness of the move back into remote and flexible learning.    The College is currently trialing a different approach to on line learning for our Years 7 to… Read More

Students have been working hard in Technology to master the skills they have been learning and to finish the products they have been tasked with.   The Year 11 Systems Engineering class have had their drag races run and won with the fastest vehicle belonging to Lachlan Sturrock. There were… Read More