What a busy start to the term it has been in the ASPIRE program!

In Week 1 we welcomed lots of prospective parents and students at our College Open Night. This was a great opportunity for people to hear about our fantastic program and all of the opportunities that being selected provides. Students and parents also loved reading the profiles filled in by some of our current students. Hearing a first-hand description of the positives of the program (and recognising faces from their own primary school!) proved to be a very popular display.

More information about our program and the testing information can be found on the website or you can email aspire@mooroolbarkcollege.vic.gov.au if you have any questions.



This term we also welcomed a new group of Year 7 students participating in the Victorian High Ability Program.

We have 8 students participating in the English program, who are reading and analysing the book “Hive” and discussing dystopian societies, and 6 students participating in the Maths program, who are enjoying the challenge of investigating the variety of ways people may find solutions to problems.

“I enjoyed hearing ideas from new people and learning about a new topic!” – Colbie (English).

“I enjoyed learning about utopia’s and dystopia’s because they were really interesting, and I didn’t know what they were.” – Jaylen (English).

“The VHAP was very fun and pushed me to use 100% of my 4 brain cells to figure out the math. It was challenging figuring out how to figure out the problem ?! Looking forward to the next session!” – Mo (Maths).

“What I liked about the first session was meeting all of the student participants and also getting to make new friends from other people at Mooroolbark College.” – Georgie (English).

“I really enjoyed the varied amount of things we got to do, and I also really liked how you really had to think about the problems but once you got it, you understood how it worked.” – Aliyah (Maths).

Kara Salmon
ASPIRE Coordinator and High Ability Practice Leader