As we bring term 2 to an end, we reflect on the time we have used to explore algebra and cartesian planes. Students had an opportunity to apply this knowledge during our ‘Tower Challenge’ we held during remote learning. This produced some great results, and some interesting towers. Faculty favourites were Liara Summers, Aliyah Orwin, Matilda Sleeman, Lyndon Grantham, Aidan Grier. 

With a snap lockdown, looking at the positives, we could pull out the quizzes and interactive online activities we relied on in 2020.  

Wrapping up the term, students have learned that algebra is in many things we do in life outside of the classroom, including a classroom favourite, how we use algebra to simplify a McDonalds order.  

Students have had the opportunity to read graphs and create their own stories to match the changing gradients of graphs, these include sales of skis, bitcoin investments and kilometers ran. 

We are looking forward to the holidays and a chance for students and staff to refresh and rewind before beginning Term 3 – Measurement and Geometry. 



Jade Hubben
Mathematics Key Learning Head