We were so thrilled to welcome students back in to our classrooms and return to practical on-site learning, where students were able to apply many theoretical skills covered in remote learning to real life situations.

Instrumental teachers were very happy that the operation guide allowed them to teach on site and see their students play their instruments. The program is growing quickly with some renewed energy and support from the principal class.

Across the department, our students have been learning guitar basics in Music, floor plans and elevation drawings in VCD, etchings and using the printing in Arts and observational drawings in Studio Arts. We have been blown away by the quality of our VCE students and their folio creations, which is always a highlight this time of year. We wish our VCE students and teachers all the best as they approach the exam period.


Jordan van Keulen
The Arts Key Learning Head


Below are some of the pieces that were shown at our NIGHT OF EXCELLENCE.  Well done to all students for their amazing work!