In Science we would like to congratulate and say goodbye to our Year 12s who have finished their final VCE classes. We hope that they continue to strive and assist the scientific community in their futures. We thank them for their contribution to Science over the past 6 years. All the best for your exam period, and know that we are here to support you now and in the future. 

Other year levels in Science have been working hard, our year 11s and 10s don’t have far to go, work hard on your final CAT’s and SAC’s in preparation for your exams. Now is the time to start refining your study techniques and work out what is best for you. 
Our junior students in Year 7-9 are beginning a very exciting component of Science, their independent investigations. Where they will create and conduct their own experiments. It’s fantastic to see their curiosity blossom and we can’t wait to see their end results. 



Tristan Dunkley 

Science Key Learning Head