As we approach the end of Term 3 – already! Goodness, how the year has raced ahead! It has been a pleasure to see our language learners make such progress this year, which students notice themselves. Nowhere is this more obvious than with our Oral assessments, when students realise they can maintain an exchange wholly in a foreign language for 1-2 minutes in Year 7 and 2-3 minutes in Year 8. These aren’t memorized scripts, but dynamic, interactive exchanges where the student has to react and respond to a variety of questions on the topics of Pets (Year 7) and School (Year 8). Congratulations indeed! 

Upcoming: Night of Excellence: 

On the 12th of October the College is hosting the Night of Excellence, where student work will be on display for students to show achievements and progress in line with the College values of Endeavour, Respect, Resilience and Compassion. There will be a large and colourful display of all the Chinese and German projects students have been working on during 2023. If you are in Year 7 and have work such as CATs for which you received a Merit at home, bring them back to school, if you would like a chance to have these up on display. A small sample of the sort of work to be admired has been included in this newsletter. We are looking forward to a big turnout with many happy students showing off their achievements and even more impressed parents and visitors admiring the learning achieved at Mooroolbark College.   

The featured work this month is the Year 8 CAT entitled ‘I admire’. The posters on Liz Ellis by Cayley Ward; Mac DeMarco by Lindu Hu; and Madelyn Cline exemplify the College values of Endeavour and Resilience. Congratulations! (And if you let me know who did the poster on Madelyn Cline, I’ll mention it next newsletter. (Please remember always to label your work!)) 

Assessment, Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews: 

Staff are currently writing Interim Reports. These will be available to parents prior to Parent Teacher Interviews held later this Term. Please continue to monitor your CAT status and feel free to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns. 


Jonas Bahlo