We are thrilled to share the latest exciting developments in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) at Mooroolbark College. Our dedicated students have been busy expanding their horizons, exploring complex concepts, and engaging in hands-on learning experiences. Some of the remarkable projects our students have undertaken are: 

Year 10 Students Dive into Submarine Science: Nuclear vs. Diesel Powered Submarines 

In the pursuit of knowledge and real-world problem-solving, our Year 10 Physics students have embarked on an educational journey to understand the intricacies of submarines. Specifically, they have been delving into the comparison between Nuclear Powered and Diesel-Powered Submarines. 

Students dived deep into this fascinating topic, considering factors such as efficiency, environmental impact, and technological advancements. The project not only enhanced their understanding of science and technology but also encouraged critical thinking and analytical skills. We are proud of the dedication and enthusiasm of students in pursuing STEM knowledge. 

Year 10 Students Design Rube Goldberg Machines: Exploring the Law of Conservation of Energy 

While submarines navigate the oceans below, our Year 10 students have also been navigating the realm of physics, focusing on the Law of Conservation of Energy and Energy Conversions. In a creative twist, they have been busy designing Rube Goldberg Machines, showcasing how energy transforms from one form to another in intricate, whimsical ways. 

This project is an ideal illustration of how we make learning engaging and tangible for our students. It encourages students to think outside the box, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future endeavors. 

Year 9 Students Tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Our Year 9 students have taken on a noble challenge: addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They’ve been working diligently on Goal 9, “Reducing Inequality,” and Goal 16, “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.” In doing so, they are not only gaining a deeper understanding of global issues but also becoming active contributors to building a better world. 

By fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy, we are empowering our students to become future leaders who can make a difference in their communities and on a global scale. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to prepare our students for a better future and instill compassion in them. 

Looking Ahead to 2024: Promoting Geospatial Space Careers to Female Youth 

We are excited to share our ambitious plan for 2024: “Promoting Geospatial Space Careers to Female Youth.” We aim to engage 30 female students in a launchpad for women interested in Geospatial Space Careers. In collaboration with leading experts, we will provide a unique opportunity for our students to explore the frontiers of space science and technology. 

As part of this program, we will encourage our students to actively participate and become the ambassadors of our school’s commitment to gender equality in STEM fields. We firmly believe that diversity is the key to innovation and progress, and this initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of a more inclusive endeavours. Expressions of Interest are now open for 2024. 


Tooba Awais