The SRC has been working hard over the last month planning and preparing for the SRC carnival day on the 13th of October, which hasn’t run since 2019, this posed a challenge as majority of our executive team had never experienced carnival day before and didn’t know what the limitations were, but we made it work and it was an amazing event. We had many stalls running on the day in the north and south quadrangles including popcorn, fairy floss, lolly bags, games, inflatables, dunk tanks, food carts, and more, and we will be using the profits from this event to hopefully fund our next project for the SRC. The event ran well, despite the challenges we faced due to the miserable weather causing everything to be soaked, but the volunteers and students had a lot of fun and it was a really fun day. 

The SRC also handed out our next round of SRC awards, with recipients being Laura Harrison, Bailey Paget, and Sienna Haywood, we would like to thank these students for their contribution to the SRC, proving that they are great role models and reliable leaders. 

On Wednesday the 1st of November, the SRC has a free dress day planned, the theme of the day will be Halloween and we have plans to run costume competitions as well as some activities and games throughout the day, it will cost a gold coin donation which should be collected by homegroup teachers. 

The profits that the SRC has made throughout the year and in the coming events will be used to give back to the school, the 2023 executive team will be working hard for the rest of the year in initiating our plans and making sure that our yearly goal has been met, as well as finalizing our plans on giving back to the school. 

Aliyah Orwin