As we near the conclusion of the year, Year 7 ASPIRE students continue to excel throughout the curriculum. In English, students have been exploring a variety of poetic forms, producing a folio of poetry, and reflecting deeply on the choices made in the creation of said poems. In Science, students have investigated ecosystems, researching the human impact on our environment, and producing a detailed presentation of their findings.  

Our Year 8 students continue to progress towards the end of their ASPIRE journey, concluding at the end of the semester. In English, year eight students investigate a variety of significant societal issues and represent their thoughts in the form of feature articles. Simultaneously, in Science students explore the role physics has in our natural world, to understand the primordial force that underpins every movement we make in life. 

The testing day for our 2024 ASPIRE students took place recently, affording potential students the opportunity to engage in Literacy and Numeracy testing, a Design Sprint to create an enrichment toy for a zoo animal, and an assessment of musical theory. As the college continues to finalise the makeup of the class for 2024, please forward any inquiries regarding your student becoming involved in the program to the contact details below. 


Andrew Nyhuis