We are thrilled to share the exciting developments from our technology department this term. The highlight of our recent activities was the Night of Excellence, where our students showcased their outstanding works across a diverse range of projects. This event was a true celebration of creativity and innovation and the students should be so proud of the work that was shown. It was an excellent evening.  

Our Year 10 Systems students have been diligently working on their amplifier projects, designing speaker housings to complement simple amplifiers. The students are at varying stages of this project, where they are soldering components onto circuit boards and creating auxiliary and power connections for their speakers. It’s a testament to their technical skills and creativity. 

In Year 9, our Game Development students have completed a comprehensive game design plan, laying out various aspects of video game production. They are now delving into different areas of digital creation aligned with video game development, exploring everything from 3D modeling to coding and sound design. 

Year 8 Digital Technologies students are taking their coding skills to Minecraft Education, an engaging platform that allows them to enhance their coding abilities by modifying their in-game experiences. This hands-on approach is making learning not only educational but also enjoyable. 

In Year 9, students in both Storage Solutions, wooden toy making and Metalwork are hard at work. The former group has begun crafting their storage units, while the latter is fabricating elegant candelabras. These projects showcase their craftsmanship and creativity in the world of technology. 

Our Barker’s Bakery and BBQ classes are serving up culinary delights. Barker’s Bakery has recently completed a cake design brief, and Barker’s BBQ students are conducting sensory taste tests on various recipes, about to create their unique recipe designs. 

Lastly, our Year 9 Food Studies students have been perfecting their pie-making skills, preparing to create their delicious pies. Food For Life students have delighted us with their healthy stir-fry dishes, demonstrating culinary excellence. 

We’re proud of the accomplishments of our students and the dedication of our educators. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our technology department at as we continue to nurture creativity, innovation, and technical expertise. 


Perie Edmonds