What a fantastic experience! Students battled the bush, rivers and skies at our adventurous camp. The camp is nestled in magnificent native bushland, bordered by a fresh flowing river and towering eucalyptus gums. Activities included bushwalking, ropes courses, trampolines, river sledding, mountain boarding and, of course, the Year 7 favourite, the flying fox. The group showed resilience in the face of wet weather, participating in an inter-house competition and games. What a great opportunity for our Year 7 cohort to challenge themselves whilst forming new friendships.

Year 7 Reflection – Year 7 Camp
“I liked most of the activities we did and I liked how many activities we got to do.  We didn’t have free time the whole time and were out doing things. I also made a couple of new friends because in my activity group I didn’t have my friends in it, but it gave me a chance to make new friends. Even at the cabins when we were having free time I hung out with lots of new people including my friends that I had before I went on camp. My favorite activity would probably be the zip line and overall I think camp was pretty good. 
Abbey G

“Year seven camp was really fun as we did lots of amazing activities such as flying fox, high ropes, low ropes, water slide and water sledding. We also had really good food, for dinner on the first night was pasta and salad and for the second night we had schnitzel and vegetables. Camp was amazing.”

Hamish M