With the end of the year in sight our students are busy finalising their assessment tasks. These have predominantly had a focus on data collection and analysis and it has been fantastic seeing the breadth of ideas and submissions from our students;  from the most popular streaming services to the amount of chocolate consumed by some years eights, our students are showing very impressive creativity and critical thinking skills. 

Additionally, to collecting assessments of students’ understanding and problem-solving skills in regards to statistics and probability from years 7-10, we are also collecting Progressive Achievement Data from our students during week 8, in the form of PAT testing. Students are encouraged to try their best, without placing any pressure on them to spend time revising at home as we are simply interested in gaining an understanding of where our students are at. This will be a valuable tool for teacher to use in order to inform their teaching in the classroom. 

We have had so many fabulous things to celebrate, and farewell, throughout this year; the forever evolving Numeracy program across years 7-9, the targeted learning program we had the pleasure of experiencing for a short time in year 7, the introduction of student centred learning goals in year 7, and in light of so many fabulous new learning tools discovered due to remote learning, we are also happy to wave the computer screens goodbye and enjoy high quality learning experiences in the classroom. 

For the final newsletter article in 2020 the Mathematics department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Enjoy time spent with loved ones in any form and ask your children to do the Christmas shopping budgets for you. We look forward to sharing our journey again with you in 2021. 


Jade Hubben
Head of Mathematics