Our students are settling into their Science classes for the year as they busily experiment, investigate, observe and explore the world around them.    In Year 11 Psychology, students have applied their knowledge of the human brain to construct play-dough models. Once developed, their brains received damage to the lobes and association areas. Students then predicted the likely behaviour of their patient after injury.     Recently, our… Read More


A huge welcome to all of our students as we begin another exciting year at Mooroolbark College. We look forward to spending many lessons together exploring and experimenting to find out how the universe works. Our Year 7 students have already begun by transforming into detectives as they investigate the… Read More

Remote Learning in Science has provided our students with the opportunity to explore their own environment at home. Not only have they visited local waterways to examine the organisms found in ecosystems, they have also looked closely within the own backyards at the species which may be found there.  Some students have been exploring their… Read More