After another five weeks of lockdown (or is it 4?… or 6?…. So hard to keep track!), the College to celebrate RUOK Day on Thursday 9th September. As you know, one of our four core values is COMPASSION and we want all our students to develop into caring and compassionate… Read More

With lockdown 5 done and dusted, it is nice to be back to our busy, noisy normal self. We are once again hearing stories from students about struggle and survival and resilience and almost universally students are saying “I am so glad to be back”. So now we focus on… Read More

Whilst we have now come out of remote learning (and fingers crossed it is for the last time), the information below is still very relevant. The Lockdown Survival Guide was put together by Amy Donaldson, one of our new Mental Health Practitioners.  It has useful tips for students and parents… Read More

As a College we pride ourselves on our caring nature. While we focus on the importance of our students doing their best with school work, their overall wellbeing is also important to us.  Our Year 12 students had Sports And Life Training speak to them about the importance of looking… Read More

Sometimes wisdom comes from strange places, even from Pixar cartoons. I was sitting in my office last week, taking a short breather and reflecting on Term 1. As I pondered how I could best use the upcoming holidays to rest and re-energise, one of my colleagues walked in and passed me this poster saying “is this… Read More

Welcome back to a new school year. Lets hope for a less disrupted year than 2020. Exciting news in student wellbeing at Mooroolbark College, we welcome two new mental health workers to the College. Siobhan O’Halloran and Amy Donaldson are working part time in the College as counsellors to support… Read More

Mindfulness Matters How often do you take time out to focus on you and your well-being? Join us for a relaxed mindfulness session, every Friday, in the comfort of your own home! Email us to join! Jamila Lopez QuickSmart Literacy Instructor Jana Lant QuickSmart Literacy Coordinator Read More

We know that mental health of adolescents is particularly vulnerable during these uncertain Covid 19 times and with recent cases of Covid19 in our own neighborhood, some of our young people may be feeling an even greater sense of uncertainly and anxiety. What was ‘way over there” now feels ‘much closer to home’.  Dr Michael Carr Greg, one of… Read More